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The solution to time registration within your business

Is time tracking and registration an important issue within your business, and are you looking for a way to do this more efficiently? Then EasySecure International is ready to help. Time registration within businesses is often done on paper, which is extremely time consuming, a lot of hassle and bad for the environment. With the time registration solutions from this company, time tracking and registration will from now on go much more efficiently. By using biometrics, cloud software and wireless applications, a good, accurate and easy registration is ensured.

A fully digital system offers access to all necessary information

EasySecure International specializes in getting time tracking right. They offer simple solutions such as Excel documents, as well as full cloud integration for scheduling, time and pay. The latter makes time registration possible by using biometrics, mobile phones, cards and codes. It is up to your wishes whether you want to start simple and evolve to a fully automated system in the future. However, no matter what you opt for, you are always ensured of better time registration with the solutions from this provider. The systems ensure that the right information is accessible to everyone who needs it. Take the HR department within your business for example, they will be able to see how many hours an employee has spent at the office. Moreover, a department manager would also be interested in such information. With this time registration solution, there will be no more uncertainty for anyone.

Start with efficient time tracking and registering

Does the time registration system from EasySecure International sound appealing to you? Then make sure to reach out to the specialist for more information. They happily tell you everything you need to know and provide advice about the right system for your organization. The contact information can be found on their website.

22-year-old fishes in canal with magnet – and makes a dangerous find


Moosburg – Patrick B. has a special hobby: In his free time, the 22-year-old from Munich likes to pull a magnet on a string through rivers and streams. The older the water, the more exciting. There are internet forums in which 5,000 people exchange ideas about what is known as magnetic fishing, and Patrick is also networked there. If something gets stuck, and it’s not rusty scrap metal, the catch is photographed and displayed online. Patrick was able to get hold of coins with the year 1903, and cartridge cases from days of war can be found again and again.

The brown trunk that he pulls out of a works canal near the Moosburg compensation pond on Sunday is not a case for the home showcase – it ensures that a complete bridge is closed.

“Doesn’t look good, call the police immediately”
It is late afternoon when Patrick leaves a family reunion in Landshut. Two siblings are still there, plus his girlfriend and a friend. On the way home to Munich, they spontaneously stop at Moosburg, Patrick has researched a particularly old channel there. The first thing he does is pull an iron grate out of the water. Then the magnet gets stuck on a discarded motorcycle that is stuck in the mud under the bridge. “But what do I want with it,” thinks Patrick – and tries again. The elongated part that is now dangling from the end of the cord looks strange – and must weigh five kilos.

The 22-year-old takes a cell phone photo and posts it to an online group. After ten minutes he already has 50 comments. Some suspect a bottle or an exhaust pipe. One advises: “It doesn’t look good, you’d better call the police immediately!” Patrick remembers a friend who once came across a 250-kilo bomb while magnet fishing near Berlin. So he carefully ties the line to the railing so that the catch continues to float in the water. Then he dials the emergency number.

Everyone suddenly catches their breath
When two police officers arrive, they take a close look at the thing. They too are undecided. There is a brief moment of shock when one of the officers holds a pocket knife to compare the size – and probably underestimates the power of the magnet. The knife clicks against the magnet, everyone catches their breath for a moment. Finally, the police also send a cell phone photo. Shortly afterwards the answer comes from the headquarters: Patrick has caught an artillery shell from the First World War.

5 takeaways from the “Selling the invisible” summari

book marketing plan

Much research has focused on product marketing, but the topic of services is undeservedly overlooked. At the same time, the majority of companies, including those whom we are used to consider manufacturers, are engaged in services

What are the main differences between services and goods?

The product is tangible, the service is not. You will not see or touch it before you order;

  • A service often does not have a final price, unlike a product;
  • The malfunction of the goods is visible immediately, the low quality of the service is clear only later;
  • The product can be returned, but the service, if it has already been provided, cannot;
  • No technology can rule out service defects;
  • The service is provided by a person, a personal relationship develops between the seller and the buyer.

Don’t wait until you come up with the best solution.

Even if you come up with it, this does not mean at all that queues will immediately line up for you. Remember that the best is the enemy of the good. You shouldn’t wait for a better moment. If you think that the market is not ready for your service, then you risk missing your time. You will only be able to understand whether the time has come for your proposal in practice. According to the author, “a good idea today is almost always better than a better idea tomorrow.”

 How to position yourself?

Position is not where you are striving, but the place that you occupy now, moreover, according to your customers. You should not position yourself as market leaders if you are not. You need to start by balancing the position. The author gives an interesting example of advertising for his home state of Oregon, which the rest of America perceives as a very rainy state. In the rain with a thunderstorm, the announcer talks about what its inhabitants see in their home state from November to May. Then sunlit green fields and groves appear in the frame, and the announcer says that this is all so that tourists discover Oregon for themselves.

Is the title important?

If you are special, try to stand out with the name. Approach his choice responsibly. You need a name that cannot be confused, you do not need negative impressions from something consonant.

  • Abbreviations and monograms are not appropriate for the title.
  • “A monogram is suitable for shirts, not a name.”
  • IBM’s success is not in the name, but in a revolutionary approach to the industry.

How to interact with customers

“Don’t create expectations in the client that you can’t meet.”

When a customer contacts you, they are depositing their trust up front, so your balance will be negative. If you called back on time, then you did not improve your balance, and if not, then you increased the minus. You need to monitor the balance of your relationship and understand that in reality it is worse than you might think. You must clearly monitor customer satisfaction, and for this you need to clearly understand his expectations.

The better you learn to understand people, the more success you will be able to achieve. Good luck!

….. more info can be found here «Road to 100k Instagram Followers»!

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Prevent an unbalanced dietary cation anion difference with supplements

Are you having trouble balancing the dietary cation anion difference for your dairy cows? Then it is important to find a solution to this problem as soon as possible. An imbalance between cations and anions can for instance lead to calcium deficiency in your dairy cows. This results in a fatal condition known as milk fever. Of course, you do not want to loose your livestock. Thankfully, you can prevent this condition by providing them a balanced diet. One way to do this is by supplementing their feed with the high-quality additives from Kimtec International. These supplements reduce calcium deficiency by adding anionic salts to the feed. This creates a more balanced dietary cation anion difference.

Choose from a variety of feed additives to keep your livestock healthy

Of course, a balanced dietary cation anion difference is not your only concern when it comes to taking care of your livestock. You want them to thrive and deliver a steady flow of dairy. Kimtec International has a variety of high-end products to achieve this. They can for instance provide you with solutions to get dry cows to produce milk again or deliver a glucose precursor that ensures your livestock receives enough glucose from their nutrition. More information about the different animal feed additives can be found on the website of Kimtec International.

Contact the experts for more information

Would you like to know more about the supplements Kimtec International provides to treat dietary cation anion differences in livestock? Or are you interested in one of their other animal feed solutions? Feel free to contact the experts at this company for more information. They will gladly tell you more about the available options and advise you on the additives that best suit your needs. Whether you have cows, goats or other livestock, Kimtec International has just the animal feed supplements you need.

Enjoy a kid’s friendly Irish Holiday: Where to visit in Ireland with Kids?


Ireland is an exciting tourist destination. It is all about history, culture, nature, food, and pubs. Undoubtedly, Ireland has a young and vibrant nightlight experience. There are pubs where you can’t resist yourself from boosing. Additionally, there are bustling cities, natural landscapes, breathtaking sea cliffs, and unique castles. For adults, Ireland offers tons of attractions and things to do. But what about kids? Are there any kids-friendly places or attractions in Ireland? Good News is yes! You can visit Ireland with kids and enjoy a kid’s friendly Irish Holiday, how? If you want to know where to visit in Ireland with Kids, here is our researched list.

Pro-Tip: You must rent a car and explore the Emerald Isle when you’re travelling with kids. You can marvel around at your own pace. In case you are travelling with a toddler, you’ll need to change their dress or diapers. You can do this easily in the car as you’ll not find baby changing areas everywhere. Ireland rental cars are, therefore, in high demand. You can find more information here. You must make an advance online booking when you want to enjoy a kid’s friendly Irish Holiday.

Having said so, over here is a list of places for you to visit in Ireland with Kids.

Cliffs of Moher

When you’ve kids with you, visit the Cliffs of Moher, which is a kids-favorite destination. It is also Ireland’s famous tourist spot. People travel over here in thousands to enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding from the top of the cliff.


This Southwest Ireland’s town is a vibrant place to visit. After booking a rent a car, you can drive around and visit this destination easily. The Killarney National Park is the town’s famous attraction. Kids will love this place. For adults, there are new pubs, food, and shopping scenes.

Lough Gur

Lough Gur is a magical destination to visit in Ireland. This place is full of incredible archaeological sites. Kids will love marveling around the faerie land and castle ruins. Thus, travel to Lough Gur on your own in a rent a car and spend an exciting day.

Kylemore Abbey

Another excellent place to visit in Ireland is Kylemore Abbey. It is also Ireland’s most photographed location. There are beautiful gardens like the Walled Victorian Gardens, another kids-favorite spot. So, visit and marvel around enjoying some unforgettable views!

It is not a matter to worry if kids are travelling with you. Pack some additional items and baby food with you. As you drive, rent a car, and it becomes easy to carry them along.

Jobs in English

Site contracting and begroting specialist

Pharmaceutical onderzoek associates, inc. Illinois / mississippi / west virginia

Job description : pharmaceutical research associates, inc.

Site contracting and budget deskundige


Job id : 2020-62348 type : us-southeast # of openings : 1 category : contracts administration

Vertex pharmaceuticals


Do you want to be responsible for the development and analysis of contractual relationships including investigator grants including but not limited to drafting, negotiating, and finalizing agreements related to clinical trials?

Who are we?

We are pra.

We are 16, 000+ employees strong, operating in more than 90+ countries. We are committed to saving lives and we are constantly striving to be the best at what we do. Our impact is real and we see it every alleenstaand day. We help get life-saving into the hands of those who need them most.

Who are you?

You are an experience professional with a passion for clinical analogie development and negotiation. You are organized, but flexible and adaptable to unexpected changes. You can easily envision the bigger picture, without losing sight of the day-to-day tasks. You can provide excellent leadership to not only your ongelijkheid teams, but also to clients. You are excited and enthusiastic. You motivate your teams to do great work and collaborate easily with your clients. Most of all, you want to do it in a place where you’re more than an employee number. A place you love working.

Still here? good. Because if this is you, we’d really like to meet you.


What will you be doing?

The contracts analyst will be responsible for the development and analysis of contractual relationships including investigator grants including but not limited to drafting, negotiating, and finalizing agreements related to clinical trials. Provide ondersteuning to the clinical team in the pricing, programma, execution and control of grants and contracts.

What do you need to have?

Ensures the successful negotiation and on-going management of clinical trial agreements with investigative sites. Works cross functionally with clinical operations and ongelijkheid management in ondersteuning of timely site start up for the conduct of clinical trials including accurate forecast of analogie execution timelines. Collaborates with the functional manager who will medestrijder with other compliance departments to ensure country specific laws and regulations are followed to minimize risk in clinical trials. Communicates and explains legal/ budgetary issues to internal and external parties per department guidelines. Reviews and evaluates client requested analogie changes and based upon department guidelines escalates deviations as appropriate. In partnership with cta lead and others as necessary, evaluates priorities and quickly readjusts priorities with the changing needs of business and the client. Identifies and proactively raises issues to the cta lead or cm, as appropriate, prior to their becoming critical or creates risk. Appraises contracts for completeness and accuracy and ensures adherence to department guidelines ; corrects documents and files changes to contracts. Participates in client meetings for the purpose of expediting the analogie signing process as directed. Creates and maintains files for each contract. Tracks all site interaction in data base in a timely and accurate manner and ensures that prestige updates are fully descriptive.


2-3 years’ experience with contracts. Bachelor’s degree or international equivalent. Read write and speak fluent english. Familiarity with clinical contracts experience in relevant areas involving contracts, negotiation, or sales prefer jd or advance degree. Familiarity with working in service industry or plan management environment. To qualify, applicants must be legally authorized to work in the united states, and should not require, now or in the future, sponsorship for employment visa aanzien.

Pra is an eeo/aa employer and is committed to providing opportunities to minorities, women, veterans and individuals with disabilities.

For the most romantic women dress


Organic and round shapes with feminine details are part of the style of this woman’s profile, which also identifies with jewelry made from colored dresses of retro design and full of meaning.

How do you choose the perfect dress?

In addition to clothing and accessories, a jewel must be chosen based on the style and personality of those who will wear it. The occasion must also be taken into account: wedding, graduation, day to day, etc. For example, a discreet and classic person certainly has different preferences than another extrovert and more flashy look. White or yellow gold? Colored or neutral clothing? Organic forms or geometric design? Of the many options, note a few details: The velvet dress shades usually get more accents, while the silver is more versatile and can be refined with midi dress and textures; combine the short dresses with all styles; the rounded shapes are very feminine; and the straight lines convey modernity. If in doubt, ask for help from shop2fashion to help you choose the ideal piece.

For the most modern women dress

Women who love art, fashion and design are identified with beautiful shop2fashion women dresses of graphic shapes, straight lines and that refer to modern style, with dramatic appeal and with a fashionable touch.

For the most vulnerable women dress

Short dress is perfect for today’s women who follow trends. With many color combinations, along with the lightweight design, combine with those that have a soft style.

For the most dynamic woman dress

Combining traditional forms and classic lines with everything and also with the dynamic woman dress, who has no time to waste and is looking for functionality and beauty, both in image and in dresses. There are many aspects that can influence the search for a dress that fits your style perfectly. In addition to the skin color, the shape of the face, bone structure, hair color and eyes also contribute to the end result. Of all the reasons mentioned, it is especially important to choose the piece that you like best and that you feel better.
Checking these factors is a way to make a better choice, both for a personal gift and for another person. To make the right choice, you can count on the help of a professional shop2fashion, who can help you find your perfect dress.

Tamanu oil, how to use it

Tamanu oil is often used for hair and skin care. This walnut extract also has therapeutic properties. This essential oil has several directions for use for different applications.

Used for skin applications and in cosmetics, Tamanu oil can be applied directly to the face. This natural ingredient is able to reduce acne marks, scars, wrinkles and age spots. It also acts as a make-up primer to extend the durability of cosmetics on the skin. Tamanu oil is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory product. It regulates the oily production of the skin for clearer and healthier skin. Its regular application can relieve deep and painful cystic acne flare-ups.

Facial care with Tamanu oil

For a homemade facial that works as a moisturizing and rejuvenating mask, you make the following composition: 1 tablespoon of Tamanu oil, 1 tablespoon of organic honey and a quarter of avocado. The ingredients are to be mixed until you obtain a smooth cream. You then apply the rejuvenating mask in a thick layer to the face. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing with warm water. This treatment helps to cleanse the skin and make it softer.

This essential oil from French Polynesia helps in the preparation of a natural exfoliating facial scrub. To do this, you mix in a bowl 1 to 2 tablespoons of Tamanu oil and 3 tablespoons of sugar or salt. Then cleanse the face with lukewarm water. Using your fingertips, gently massage the exfoliating mixture over the entire face – avoiding the eyes. Massage for a minimum of 90 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes. Then rinse the face with warm water. A warm, damp washcloth makes it easier to cleanse the mixture. Note that three sessions per week will result in a more luminous, cleaner and softer skin.

For a simple serum with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects for acne-prone skin, simply combine the following oils: 4 teaspoons of Tamanu oil, 4 drops of lavender essential oil, 2 drops of tea tree essential oil. Gently massage the mixture into the face and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing. To soothe burns after shaving and treat ingrown hairs, replace the tea tree essential oil with 4 drops of chamomile essential oil and 2 drops of peppermint essential oil. This mixture is known to have an anti-inflammatory and anti-itching effect to soothe irritations such as bumps and rashes.

Why use Tamanu oil?

To effectively nourish dry skin, we want the moisturizing product to penetrate deeply through all skin layers. Since Tamanu oil can penetrate all three layers of the skin, you benefit from a high level of hydration. The Polynesian nut extract does not only act on the outermost layer of the skin.
An excess of bacteria in clogged pores creates a favourable environment for acne breakouts. Tamanu oil contains a high concentration of calophyllic acid and calophyllolides. Note that these elements are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents. Antimicrobial properties help fight acne-causing bacteria. Anti-inflammatory properties help relieve irritation. In addition, the natural ingredient also accelerates healing – making it an ideal solution for acne scars.

Nothing can stop the natural course of skin aging, much of which is genetically predetermined. Tamanu oil helps to stimulate the growth of new tissue, which in turn can promote the production of lipids and the skin’s natural collagen. These properties help maintain the skin’s elasticity even as it ages.

Continue on the Reference Website about Tamanu.

Where can you find a Montblanc rollerball pen?


Are you looking for the perfect present for a very good friend or colleague? Of do just want to buy something nice for yourself? Then the high-quality products of Montblanc you are looking for! This beautiful brand is known of its big collection of souvenirs and beautiful gifts suitable for almost any occasion. The brand represents traditional craftmanship and artisanal prowess. Are you looking for a specific product, such as a mechanical pencil or a Montblanc rollerball? You definitely will find it at the pen specialist Appelboom, located in Laren, The Netherlands. This expert even offers you engraving options making your present really personal and unique.

An extensive collection of Montblanc rollerballs

All of the pens and pencils from Montblanc are of very high quality and very stylish. Whether you want to use the Montblanc rollerball for signing important documents or just for everyday notes and short letters, you will always find a pen that fits your needs perfectly. At Appelboom, you find different kinds of the Montblanc rollerball, including:

  • Bonheur
  • Starwalker Metal
  • Donation George Gershwin
  • Meisterstuck Calassique GT
  • Great Characters James Dean

Find out everything about these famous pens!

All Montblanc rollerball and fountain pens come with a two-year warranty. Besides that, Appelboom offers great services when it comes to fast and safe delivery of your items. In the online shop you can easily find and order what you want. Do you have specific questions about the Montblanc assortment or do you want to know more about this famous brand? Just contact Appelboom’s customer service by phone or email and you will receive all the information you want. Of course, you are more than welcome to visit the store in Laren as well. Here, the collection of Montblanc rollerball is presented beautifully. You will be amazed by all the options!

Style your clothes again


The fashion industry if one of the biggest industries the world knows.  People always want to buy new clothes and besides that, we all need clothes. That is part of why this industry has gotten so big. There is plenty of work to find which might be nice of you are into fashion. Nowadays, everyone always wants to walk around in the newest clothes. People won’t go to a party wearing the same clothes they have worn to a party before. This is asking a lot of the environment, because the production of clothes is very bad for the environment. The sad thing is that clothes get damaged very easily, so people buy new clothes very quickly. This is part of how fast fashion keeps existing. Even though we should actually be fighting it. Sometimes, you can fix the damage yourself, so that you will not have to buy new stuff again. For example, you can doubt your suede shoes with special suede dye. Suede dye will make your shoes look like they just came from the store. Nobody will know or see that you painted them.  Unfortunately there aren’t many people that use this technique yet. A lot of people buy something new whenever the old product becomes dirty or loses some of its color. Even though fixing or painting the shoes yourself is much easier and also cheaper. This also why the fashion industry keeps getting bigger and bigger. People always want to buy new stuff. Leather paint uk is such a great idea. People won’t feel like they waisted their money or spend it on something they did not really need. Maybe we should all take some time to think about what we are doing and start getting a little more conscious. We should not give all the power to the big industries.