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How to paint your house

Whether you just moved in or if you have been living in your house for a decade, you can’t escape the fact that your house needs to be painted. Without a doubt is it nice if your walls and ceilings look good. But it is mandatory if you want your house to stay in a good condition. You can paint in different ways. Most people paint by using a paint brush or with a paint roller. It if you really want it done quickly, you can look into paint sprayers. These machines will get the job done really Read more […]

Reducing calcium deficiency in dairy cows keeps them healthy

Is the milk you produce deliver to customers who make delicious cheese or tasty butter? Than you want to deliver them the best quality milk as a dairy farmer. Keep your kettle in the best health by using feeding supplements to reduce calcium deficiency in dairy cows. These high-quality supplements are made by a company named Kimtec International. With years of experience they are continuously looking to improve their supplements to keep your cows in the best possible health. Experience the effects Read more […]

A bumper protector protects the paint, which saves a lot of money on modern cars!

Modern day cars have special paints that protect the underlying material, the stuff that makes up the bodywork. And this paintjob is more expensive than you might think. A lighter car uses less fuel and accelerates faster, to name a few reasons. This is all very well and good of course, but it also means that the bodywork of cars has changed over the years. Rather than separate panels for each part of the car, the full body of most modern cars consist out of less than 5 panels. So what, right? Well, Read more […]

Leather reconditioning makes your furniture better than ever before!

Some say that leather reconditioning returns your old furniture to its former glory. At Topfinish they say ‘why stop there?’ And so they did not. Instead they started to treat the leather with a colourless coating which determines the level of gloss or dullness. Besides the look this gives your furniture, this coating protects the leather from wearing out, against moist and other stains, and it keeps the material smooth and flexible. Your favourite furniture will look better than ever Read more […]

A Tuned Mass Damper benefits from professional maintenance

Guarantee safety and efficiency with a good maintained Tuned Mass Damper. The Tuned Mass Damper is used in many different structures, like factory chimneys, bridges, flagpoles, flares and other slender structures. Flow Engineering can maintain a Tuned Mass Damper made by them regularly. Do you have a third party damping solution? Experienced engineers will inspect and evaluate these systems and provide the best possible service to ensure a good working Tuned Mass Damper. Refurbishing an existing Read more […]

How does US tax returns in the Netherlands work?

Many expats are assisted by tax returns for US citizens in the Netherlands with their US tax return forms in the Netherlands. This experience means that the professional advisors at Witlox are well aware of the obstacles that expats have to deal with. Filling out the forms by yourself is no easy task and if you make a mistake, chances are you will be looking at a pretty hefty additional collection later on in the future. Prevent this by contacting Witlox International Tax Advice today, and make an Read more […]

WIFI and Bluetooth connection with forklift weighing scales

There is a lot of data gathered when you way you incoming and outgoing loads with forklift weighing scales. RAVAS makes it possible to collect all the data from the trucks in real-time to your Bluetooth device, so you can see immediately what the load weighs. Want to collect all the data in spreadsheets on your computer to send reports to your clients and your own administration? No problem! The forklift weighing scales can be connected to a WIFI connection to send and receive data wherever you want. Read more […]

Offshore wind industry uses a wave radar

Have you ever heard of the offshore wind industry? Real time wave and tide data are an important thing during operation. Weather is a major risk factor during offshore cases. Therefore, the right knowledge of the weather conditions will give your staff the necessary information about which operations can be performed safely. Also, real-time wave monitoring provides essential information for vessels during offshore operations. If you purchase a wave radar from Radac, you get the necessary information Read more […]

Export your favorite cars from the USA

Are you living outside of your homeland in the USA? Why don’t you bring some of the familiarity of home to where you live? Specialized car shippers can help you get your American car across the ocean. Car brands that are unfortunately not present in Europe. Therefore, a lot of US-born expats are looking for car shippers that can help them import their trusted American steed to their new residence in Europe. Marlog Car Handling is a Netherlands-based car shipper that can help you export cars Read more […]

Experienced marine technology and electrical partner

Brand-independent solutions and experienced engineers for complete system integration: Bakker Sliedrecht has been the lead player in the electrical installations field within maritime engineering for more than 90 years. Reliable tailor-made solutions that ensure the optimal lifetime of all your electrical systems and automation systems. With broad expertise, extensive service and custom solutions, Bakker Sliedrecht knows how to apply the best practices from the market to different industries. Complete Read more […]