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5 takeaways from the “Selling the invisible” summari

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Much research has focused on product marketing, but the topic of services is undeservedly overlooked. At the same time, the majority of companies, including those whom we are used to consider manufacturers, are engaged in services

What are the main differences between services and goods?

The product is tangible, the service is not. You will not see or touch it before you order;

  • A service often does not have a final price, unlike a product;
  • The malfunction of the goods is visible immediately, the low quality of the service is clear only later;
  • The product can be returned, but the service, if it has already been provided, cannot;
  • No technology can rule out service defects;
  • The service is provided by a person, a personal relationship develops between the seller and the buyer.

Don’t wait until you come up with the best solution.

Even if you come up with it, this does not mean at all that queues will immediately line up for you. Remember that the best is the enemy of the good. You shouldn’t wait for a better moment. If you think that the market is not ready for your service, then you risk missing your time. You will only be able to understand whether the time has come for your proposal in practice. According to the author, “a good idea today is almost always better than a better idea tomorrow.”

 How to position yourself?

Position is not where you are striving, but the place that you occupy now, moreover, according to your customers. You should not position yourself as market leaders if you are not. You need to start by balancing the position. The author gives an interesting example of advertising for his home state of Oregon, which the rest of America perceives as a very rainy state. In the rain with a thunderstorm, the announcer talks about what its inhabitants see in their home state from November to May. Then sunlit green fields and groves appear in the frame, and the announcer says that this is all so that tourists discover Oregon for themselves.

Is the title important?

If you are special, try to stand out with the name. Approach his choice responsibly. You need a name that cannot be confused, you do not need negative impressions from something consonant.

  • Abbreviations and monograms are not appropriate for the title.
  • “A monogram is suitable for shirts, not a name.”
  • IBM’s success is not in the name, but in a revolutionary approach to the industry.

How to interact with customers

“Don’t create expectations in the client that you can’t meet.”

When a customer contacts you, they are depositing their trust up front, so your balance will be negative. If you called back on time, then you did not improve your balance, and if not, then you increased the minus. You need to monitor the balance of your relationship and understand that in reality it is worse than you might think. You must clearly monitor customer satisfaction, and for this you need to clearly understand his expectations.

The better you learn to understand people, the more success you will be able to achieve. Good luck!

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