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A bumper protector protects the paint, which saves a lot of money on modern cars!

Modern day cars have special paints that protect the underlying material, the stuff that makes up the bodywork. And this paintjob is more expensive than you might think. A lighter car uses less fuel and accelerates faster, to name a few reasons. This is all very well and good of course, but it also means that the bodywork of cars has changed over the years. Rather than separate panels for each part of the car, the full body of most modern cars consist out of less than 5 panels. So what, right? Well, Read more […]

Export your favorite cars from the USA

Are you living outside of your homeland in the USA? Why don’t you bring some of the familiarity of home to where you live? Specialized car shippers can help you get your American car across the ocean. Car brands that are unfortunately not present in Europe. Therefore, a lot of US-born expats are looking for car shippers that can help them import their trusted American steed to their new residence in Europe. Marlog Car Handling is a Netherlands-based car shipper that can help you export cars Read more […]

Supreme Mircofiber towels by The Rag Company

Premium microfiber towels foor beginners and Pro’s Beginners and professionals alike choose optimum detailing products, not only for the finest car care products, but beacuse of the superb customer support and vast detailing knowledge. We from The Rag Company Europe fully support optimum detailing products, because we believe detailing is more then just an expertise, it’s a lifestyle with worldwide followers! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with our newest microfiber detailing products. philosophy Read more […]

De juiste VW onderdelen online bestellen

Heeft u revisie onderdelen nodig voor uw klassieke Volkswagen, maar weet u niet goed waar u onderdelen van hoge kwaliteit kunt vinden? Dan kan Volkswagen specialist Paruzzi u hiermee helpen. Bij ons vindt u alle onderdelen die u nodig heeft om uw klassieke Volkswagen in optimale staat te houden. We bieden onderdelen van veel verschillende merken, evenals originele VW parts. Dankzij onze jarenlange ervaring en onze passie voor deze mooie auto’s, kunnen we u altijd helpen bij het vinden van de Read more […]

The Ferrari 250 GTE

As a car enthusiast you probably have a lot of knowledge about the Ferrari cars. As you probably know the Ferrari 250 are the series of these cars in which the largest number of models have been designed and produced. The car that was produced the most is the Ferrari 250 GTE. There were 950 cars made. Have you always wanted to have a Ferrari, you have a great opportunity to drive in one of these. The Ferrari 250 GTE was the car Enzo Ferrari himself had. So it is special to have Read more […]