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Cheap Runeschape gold

Runescape is a java inspired 3d MMORPG computergame. It was released by the famous company Jagex Ltd on the 4th of january. There are mainly two versions of the popular game: P2P and F2P. The first one is Pay to Play. You get additional places to go and a lot of extra’s. However, the Free to Play worlds are great as well. There are millions of people who play or have played this game.

Runescape gold

The main currency in all of the released RS games is Runescape gold, also known as RS gold. You can buy cheap RS gold from different vendors across the world, but we recommend Ogpal or 4RSGold. The last one specialize in gold for all versions of the game.

Versions of the game

In the previous years, Jagex released a lot of versions of this popular game. The first version was called DeviousMUD, made by Andrew Gower in the early 1998. It was just a betaversion of the game and did not go public that year. It was just live for a couple of weeks and was played by less than 100 people. After a lot of additional testing, RuneScape classic game out. Its original name was just Runescape, but people just know it as RS or RS Classic. The main currency was called old school rs gold.

Runescape 2 was released in the summer of 2008. It was received well by the critics. Especially the improved gameplay and graphics where received well.

In 2013, just 5 years after RS2, came Runescape 3. This game had a lot of new content, enemies etc. Also check out the cheap LOL accounts

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