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Commercial Photographer

STUDIOVHF, a versatile photographer!

Vincent Hartman is running a photographic studio named STUDIOVHF, near the city of Zwolle, in the county Overijssel in The Netherlands. STUDIOVHF stands for versatile professional photography services at high quality level. The studio is specialised in advertising and commercial photography, product photography, interiors, corporate and editorial photography.

Advertising photographer

Vincent Hartman, the founding photographer of STUDIOVHF has been a commercial photographer since the early nineties. After a career change during the digital transition in photography, Vincent re-emerged in the field of professional photography with a new studio in the region of Zwolle. The transition period has been used by Vincent to develop his skills in marketing, communication and sales in an international environment.

As a general advertising and commercial photographer Vincent has multiple technical, social and strategic marketing skills to help his clients to achive their marketing communication goals. The studio works closely together with advertising agencies, graphic design studios, copywriters and marketing communication consultancies to let the images seamlessly match the communication goals.


Product Photography

The photographic studio of STUDIOVHF is perfectly suited for high quality, high resolution technical product photography. The studio has a large static infinity wall for medium sized products and a photographic table for the smaller products. As with interiors photography, pictures are taken with notice of natural perspective and vertical lines i.e. vertical lines remain vertical even when a product is photographed from above. Also height width and depth perspective with be visualised in a natural way.

Interiors Photography

The photographers of STUDIOVHF cover commercial real estate photography, interiors for architects, interior designers, desig & build companies and furnishing companies in retail, offices and public buildings and spaces. The A&D sector is a familiar sector for Vincent, as it is the industry where he learned his entrepeneural and marketing skills.

Corporate Photography

Versatile photographic skills are especially needed when whole photographic coverage is asked for all the area’s of a business or government organisation. Portrait photography, the interior and exterior of a building, the production process, products etc. STUDIOVHF has all the creative, technical and social skills, needed to fulfill most needs.

Editorial Photography

STUDIOVHF supplies images to business magazines, sponsored magazines and (technical) publications in various sectors of the market like education, technical intallations, housing and building industry, transport and logistics and agriculture. We accompany the journalist and copywriter or visit the site on our own after being intructed.

With the photographers of STUDIOVHF you have the expertise of sports, portrait, product, commercial, fashion and interiors all under one roof. One point of call and consider it done!