Increasing popularity of solar pv panels in the UK

Solar energy has seen a great increase in popularity due to the introduction of cheaper solar pv panels and incentive programs by the government. In 2014 the installed capacity of solar energy panels installed nearly doubled up from 2.8 Megawatts to 5 Megawatts. 5 Megawatts can supply 5 million homes with power. 

2016 more than 700.000 homes in the UK had photovoltaic panels fitted. These panels thanks to technical advancements are becoming ever increasingly efficient. Jan. 2017 a landmark was reached with nearly 12 Megawatts of installed capacity. That ranks the UK 6th internationally.

Solar Power Projections by 2020

The government estimates that by 2020 at least 22 Megawatts will be generated by solar power per year. The solar energy association expects up to 25 Megawatts to be generated annually. Around 40% of the entire British electricity consumption could be generated from solar energy in that year. Nearly 10 million homes could be supplied with solar energy. 

How to optimally benefit from generating your own solar power?

Selling excess electricity to your energy provider does not make any sense as you won’t get much money in return. You had better use it to the fullest by installing an electric system boiler for heating to heat your house plus a hot water storage water heater with heat exchanger. 

Here’s why you should consider an electric central heating boiler:

  • Solar power will heat your home

  • You will no longer use polluting gas and you will slash your energy bill significantly  

  • Zero chance of gas explosion

  • No carbon monoxide emission, so no risk of poisoning

  • Electric central heating boiler are very low maintenance and do not need to be serviced yearly

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