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Enjoy a kid’s friendly Irish Holiday: Where to visit in Ireland with Kids?

Ireland is an exciting tourist destination. It is all about history, culture, nature, food, and pubs. Undoubtedly, Ireland has a young and vibrant nightlight experience. There are pubs where you can’t resist yourself from boosing. Additionally, there are bustling cities, natural landscapes, breathtaking sea cliffs, and unique castles. For adults, Ireland offers tons of attractions and things to do. But what about kids? Are there any kids-friendly places or attractions in Ireland? Good News is yes! You can visit Ireland with kids and enjoy a kid’s friendly Irish Holiday, how? If you want to know where to visit in Ireland with Kids, here is our researched list.

Pro-Tip: You must rent a car and explore the Emerald Isle when you’re travelling with kids. You can marvel around at your own pace. In case you are travelling with a toddler, you’ll need to change their dress or diapers. You can do this easily in the car as you’ll not find baby changing areas everywhere. Ireland rental cars are, therefore, in high demand. You can find more information here. You must make an advance online booking when you want to enjoy a kid’s friendly Irish Holiday.

Having said so, over here is a list of places for you to visit in Ireland with Kids.

Cliffs of Moher

When you’ve kids with you, visit the Cliffs of Moher, which is a kids-favorite destination. It is also Ireland’s famous tourist spot. People travel over here in thousands to enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding from the top of the cliff.


This Southwest Ireland’s town is a vibrant place to visit. After booking a rent a car, you can drive around and visit this destination easily. The Killarney National Park is the town’s famous attraction. Kids will love this place. For adults, there are new pubs, food, and shopping scenes.

Lough Gur

Lough Gur is a magical destination to visit in Ireland. This place is full of incredible archaeological sites. Kids will love marveling around the faerie land and castle ruins. Thus, travel to Lough Gur on your own in a rent a car and spend an exciting day.

Kylemore Abbey

Another excellent place to visit in Ireland is Kylemore Abbey. It is also Ireland’s most photographed location. There are beautiful gardens like the Walled Victorian Gardens, another kids-favorite spot. So, visit and marvel around enjoying some unforgettable views!

It is not a matter to worry if kids are travelling with you. Pack some additional items and baby food with you. As you drive, rent a car, and it becomes easy to carry them along.

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