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How to fade dark spots from acne

How to fade dark spots from acne

Acne problems are one of the serious problems of skin. The most effective way to remove and reduce acne problems is to take a healthy diet and drink maximum water. Vitamin C is highly recommended for acne problems. You can eat oranges or can have orange juice as a drink. Lemon can also be used in form of lemon juice or you can directly apply to the skin. Junk and oily food should be completely avoided when you are having acne issues. Here are some acne solutions according to the skin type. 

For Oily Skin:

Oily skin types should use lemon to remove dark spots effectively. They can also make use of clay or neem leaves regularly to help prevent acne in the first place. Cucumber and mint are also very useful in combating dark spot issues for oily skin types.

For Dry Skin:

People with dry skin should make use of moisturizers as they are enough in removing dark spots alone. But they can also make use of lemon, rose water and glycerin collectively to resolve this issue. Milk and honey in combined form also provides a fairer skin tone.

For Normal Skin:

People with normal skin tone can use a number of options to clear their dark spots from skin. They can make use of fruits like oranges and lemon in form of a scrub. Tomato juice and papaya are also an effective remedy. They can also use moisturizers and cold creams twice a day. They can make use of common ingredients like rose water, glycerin, milk, yoghurt, castor oil, sandal wood, honey and aloe Vera. These ingredients can be employed with one another to form a solution or a paste and can be applied to the skin. These pastes are very effective in removing dark spots if they are applied for at least 30 minutes.

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