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How to paint your house

Whether you just moved in or if you have been living in your house for a decade, you can’t escape the fact that your house needs to be painted. Without a doubt is it nice if your walls and ceilings look good. But it is mandatory if you want your house to stay in a good condition. You can paint in different ways. Most people paint by using a paint brush or with a paint roller. It if you really want it done quickly, you can look into paint sprayers. These machines will get the job done really fast. But depending on the type, they can be a little bit difficult to handle. But before you start your painting job, it is smart to try it out first. For instance if you have purchased a wagner w500, try it out on a stray piece of wood or any material that you have lying around that you don’t mind getting paint on. That way you can get a grip on how to use your paint sprayer and that will ensure that your paint job will come out the way you want it to.


Painting with a paint roller or a brush is a little bit different though. Rollers, like brushes, are available in all sizes. So you can choose what size and width is the most convenient for your paint job. Follow these steps to get the best result:

  1. Dip your roller in the paint box and roll it out on the distribution grid. That way your paint will come out evenly on the area you’re painting.

  2. If your are painting door posts or window frames, you should spread the paint over the entire length of the area.

  3. If you are painting larger areas like walls or ceilings, you should firstly cover the entire area. Then you can get back into it to get a thicker layer and to get the corners of the area.

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