International ship repair that is quick, efficient and cost-effective


Are you in need of a company that performs international ship repair? Then you can count on Antwerp Underwater Solutions to restore your ship to full capacity. No matter the problem, they have a solution. They know a stationary ship rusts away and costs money, so they will do everything they can to get you on your way as soon as possible. This is achieved by an efficient repair of your vessel in any harbor in Europe.

An innovative solution to restore your vessel to optimal capacity

Antwerp Underwater Solutions is not just any partner for international ship repair. They can easily be seen as the best partner in Europe. Most companies repair your vessel on land. This takes longer than necessary, because it needs to be transported to a wharf, after which it needs to be taken out of the water. Thankfully there is a better way to repair your ship, if you choose to lay your vessel in the qualified hands of the experts at Antwerp Underwater Solutions. They can do all kinds of repairs to your ship, ranging from the repair of anchors and chains to the removal of rust. The best of all is that they do not lift your ship out of the water to access the repair site. They have excellent underwater diving services that allow them to perform the repairs underwater.

24/7 assistance for a wide range of ship repairs

Are you interested in this innovative method of ship repair and would you like your vessel to be mended by an international expert? Contact the experts of Antwerp Underwater Solutions to discuss the possibilities for your ship. They are more than happy to help you restore your vessel to a prime condition. You can count on their excellent assistance 24/7. So whether your repair is urgent or not, they are at your service quickly to help you on your way.