Keyword Analysis


Keyword Analysis written by: ckypro-writer

Keyword analysis is a very vital skill for every SEO expert. Understanding the queries that qualify visitors to your site through search engines is important in customizing your pages in order to increase traffic to your site. Keyword analysis helps in finding new markets and increasing conversions. However, it is a time-consuming task that comprises of series of decision-making processes that aims at beating keyword competitors. Use the right SEO software.

Keyword Analysis Importance

Keywords dictate search campaigns, therefore, keyword analysis should be any SEO expert primary goal. The analysis importance includes the following.

Time prioritization – the analysis will give you a guide and therefore, you will only spend time in optimizing areas that have a positive impact on your site.

Increases conversion rates – focusing on a converting keyword is the best for return on investment and conversion rate.

Provides insights – keyword search frequency search knowledge provide insights of market behavior is applicable to many facets of business

Eliminates wasteful spending – keywords that produce successful results and budgeted for thus elimination of wasteful expenditure

How analyze your keyword

It is important to first ask yourself the relevance of keyword to your site’s content and whether searchers will find what they are looking for by using the keyword. Will the traffic to your site bring financial rewards? If the answer is yes, then proceed with the following steps.

Search for the keyword in the major search engines

With this, you will get to know the competitors who are using the same keyword as yours and therefore you will know how hard it is to use a particular keyword and you may consider changing to different keyword. It is important to look for a high-value keyword.

Get a sample campaign keyword at Google Adwords 

If your site does not rank for the keyword, you can buy test traffic so that you can see how it converts. Choose the exact match and point the traffic to the appropriate page on your site. Track the conversion rate until at least 200 clicks.

Determine the value of the keyword

The value of the keyword is dependent on the conversion rate. For example, if your search ad created 2000 impressions in a day, 200 of them came to your site, and four converted to a profit of $400 then a visitor for the keyword is worth $2 to the business. If this can be maintained or raised, it may rise to a tune of 2 to 3 million annually. This shows that the importance of keyword analysis should not at any given time be underestimated.