Looking for a photographer in Scotland?

You may have found one! New in the central belt in Scotland is STUDIOVHF, a subsidiary from the Dutch photo studio. STUDIOVHF is specialised in commercial and advertising photography, product photography, interior photography, corporate and portrait photography. The founder has recently moved to Scotland and will have some time (although limited) for photography assignments. Photographer Vincent Hartman picked up his first camera in 1986 and started ‘Vincent Hartman Fotografie’ or VHF four years later. Today as photographer in Scotland Vincent takes care of the interior photography for Scotland’s leading office interiors company Amos Beech, product photography and corporate photography. In his spare time he also takes portraits in his home studio 

STUDIOVHF in The Netherlands has now moved to a brand new studio in the premises of Het Communicatiegilge in Raalte. Het Communicatiegilde is an association of small independant companies, each with their own expertise in marketing communication. They work together for clients or seperately in copywriting, graphic design, webdesign, app developement and animations, video and photography. The Photography is done by Iris Hartman and Thomas Feickens.

Corporate photography 

The fast majority of the activities from STUDIOVHF are in the field of corporate photography and other commercial photography. The studio works for advertising and marketing firms and also directly for marketing communication departments of private companies and public organisation. As corporate photographer Scotland Vincent will take care of corporate and editorial portraits, interior photography and product photography. For bigger assignments the photographers Iris and Thomas ar flown in. 

We would appreciate your interest in our online portfolio.

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