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Prevent an unbalanced dietary cation anion difference with supplements

Are you having trouble balancing the dietary cation anion difference for your dairy cows? Then it is important to find a solution to this problem as soon as possible. An imbalance between cations and anions can for instance lead to calcium deficiency in your dairy cows. This results in a fatal condition known as milk fever. Of course, you do not want to loose your livestock. Thankfully, you can prevent this condition by providing them a balanced diet. One way to do this is by supplementing their feed with the high-quality additives from Kimtec International. These supplements reduce calcium deficiency by adding anionic salts to the feed. This creates a more balanced dietary cation anion difference.

Choose from a variety of feed additives to keep your livestock healthy

Of course, a balanced dietary cation anion difference is not your only concern when it comes to taking care of your livestock. You want them to thrive and deliver a steady flow of dairy. Kimtec International has a variety of high-end products to achieve this. They can for instance provide you with solutions to get dry cows to produce milk again or deliver a glucose precursor that ensures your livestock receives enough glucose from their nutrition. More information about the different animal feed additives can be found on the website of Kimtec International.

Contact the experts for more information

Would you like to know more about the supplements Kimtec International provides to treat dietary cation anion differences in livestock? Or are you interested in one of their other animal feed solutions? Feel free to contact the experts at this company for more information. They will gladly tell you more about the available options and advise you on the additives that best suit your needs. Whether you have cows, goats or other livestock, Kimtec International has just the animal feed supplements you need.

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