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Style your clothes again

The fashion industry if one of the biggest industries the world knows.  People always want to buy new clothes and besides that, we all need clothes. That is part of why this industry has gotten so big. There is plenty of work to find which might be nice of you are into fashion. Nowadays, everyone always wants to walk around in the newest clothes. People won’t go to a party wearing the same clothes they have worn to a party before. This is asking a lot of the environment, because the production of clothes is very bad for the environment. The sad thing is that clothes get damaged very easily, so people buy new clothes very quickly. This is part of how fast fashion keeps existing. Even though we should actually be fighting it. Sometimes, you can fix the damage yourself, so that you will not have to buy new stuff again. For example, you can doubt your suede shoes with special suede dye. Suede dye will make your shoes look like they just came from the store. Nobody will know or see that you painted them.  Unfortunately there aren’t many people that use this technique yet. A lot of people buy something new whenever the old product becomes dirty or loses some of its color. Even though fixing or painting the shoes yourself is much easier and also cheaper. This also why the fashion industry keeps getting bigger and bigger. People always want to buy new stuff. Leather paint uk is such a great idea. People won’t feel like they waisted their money or spend it on something they did not really need. Maybe we should all take some time to think about what we are doing and start getting a little more conscious. We should not give all the power to the big industries. 

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