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Reasons to use PET bottle and shampoo bottles

Why would so many different parties use a PET bottle and shampoo bottles? To be clear, it is used by both manufacturers as well as consumers all over the world. The benefits are clear to all these users. Manufacturers are particularly fond of PET plastic because of its strength, thermo stability, transparency, and because it’s safe and versatile. Customers prefer this PET bottle or PET shampoo bottles because it’s relatively cheap, lightweight, shatterproof, safe to use and recyclable. Read more […]

PET bottle and shampoo bottles: what does PET actually mean?

PET shampoo bottles and a PET bottle experience an ever growing popularity and demand. But why? Most of all it has many advantages both for production processes as for the environment. So it’s good to know what PET actually is. PET is polyethylene terephthalate. This is a plastic resing and it’s the most common type of polyester. Most commonly it’s used as a safe plastic for beverage containers. It’s extremely versatile and is one of the main (and most important) ingredients Read more […]

Purchase large amounts of PET bottle and shampoo bottles

In today’s market it’s possible to purchase large amounts of a PET bottle or more specifically shampoo bottles. Whichever kind of bottle you would like to buy and in whatever amount you want to do this, several suppliers offer these products. If you prefer to buy the bottles in smaller amounts, at some manufacturers you can also buy them per pallet for example. The bottles can also be transported all over the world. This offers opportunities for buyers who are looking for a partner they Read more […]