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Has your old electric water heater or gas-fired CV boiler broken down?


Has your old electric water heater or gas-fired CV boiler broken down? Please look no further and go to our website.Electric water heaterYou want a reliable, cheap to run and affordable hot water solution? You’ll find a huge range of electric water heaters (EU manufactured only).  We operate the distributorship for Lemet, a high quality water heater manufacturer from Poland in Branice. They come with a 2-year guarantee and run very highly energy efficient.Wesen has given us exclusive distributorship Read more […]

The safety of an electric water heater


Made in EU

All our products are manufactured in the EU with CE mark thus complying with EU regulations. All products are manufactured to the highest standards with regular routine checks carried to ensure the quality of each batch of products.

How safe is an electric water heater?

An electric water heater is very safe as it does not work on gas, so there is zero chance of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you prefer to use renewable (green) energy or you are using renewable energy you should definitely buy an electric unit to replace a gas-fired unit.

The sacrificial anode will corrode in order to protect the heating element. An anode should be replaced approximately every 2 years. A thermal fuse is installed to prevent the heating element from overheating and cracking as a result of that overheating.

This can occur when the tank has not been entirely filled with water. An electric water heater is low in maintenance and doesn’t require annual servicing like a gas-fired water heater.

Safety relief valve

It is imperative you use the right safety relief valve. The Lemet water heaters come with a supplied 6 bar safety valve as standard. You can opt to install a KIWA approved 6 bar safety relief valve. Never use an 8 bar safety relief on a 6 bar water heater or vice versa.

Wesen’s working pressure is 8 bar, so an 8 bar safety relief valve is supplied as standard. Using the wrong safety relief valve or over tightening the supplied safety relief valve will result in excessive calcification of your water heater.

Calcification of the heating element will cause a breakdown of your water heater. Always use the right safety relief valve or you will not retain your guarantee.

For more details on how to safely install, operate and maintenance a water heater please check the FAQ’s on our website: www.waterheaterstore.co.uk.