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The Ferrari 250 GTE

As a car enthusiast you probably have a lot of knowledge about the Ferrari cars. As you probably know the Ferrari 250 are the series of these cars in which the largest number of models have been designed and produced. The car that was produced the most is the Ferrari 250 GTE. There were 950 cars made. Have you always wanted to have a Ferrari, you have a great opportunity to drive in one of these. The Ferrari 250 GTE was the car Enzo Ferrari himself had. So it is special to have a Ferrari 250 GTE and being able to ride in it. 

Get the Ferrari 250 GTE 

A Ferrari 250 GTE, or any Ferrari for that matter, may not be the most practical choice for a car when you, in particular, use it to ride in the city or town where you live or work. A Ferrari 250 GTE is made to go fast and far, not to drive around in the neighbourhood. You should be able to make long distances. That might be a challenge in the Netherlands, but it’s certainly possible. Besides that it is just very cool to be able to say that you have a Ferrari 250 GTE in your possession. 

The Ferrari 250 GTE or do you prefer a different kind? 

Did you know that the Ferrari 250 series is best represented in the Netherlands? From any type of car in this series one or more are owned by a Dutchman. This also becomes clear during the meetings of the Dutch Ferrari Club. Here you can regularly admire all these wonderful models. If you want to see a lot of beautiful Ferraris together, then it is highly recommended to go to one of these meetings.

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