Enjoy a kid’s friendly Irish Holiday: Where to visit in Ireland with Kids?

Ireland is an exciting tourist destination. It is all about history, culture, nature, food, and pubs. Undoubtedly, Ireland has a young and vibrant nightlight experience. There are pubs where you can’t resist yourself from boosing. Additionally, there are bustling cities, natural landscapes, breathtaking sea cliffs, and unique castles. For adults, Ireland offers tons of attractions and things to do. But what about kids? Are there any kids-friendly places or attractions in Ireland? Good News Read more [...]

Las Vegas Hotels

Sometimes they ask me what the best hotel destination is of the world. When I answer Las Vegas, they always look at me as if they see a ghost. I didn't know you are a gambler is also a reply that I get generic singulair. When they are back down to earth I always give them the so called magic 5 reasons: 1. The best luxury hotels 2. The best restaurants 3. The best National parks (death valley, Zion, Grand Canyon) 4. The best shows Read more [...]